Author: Charlotte Guerin

Fish and fish latest food trends

Fish and Chips: The Latest Food Trends

Fish And Chips: The Latest Food Trends Let's talk Fish and Chips food trends shall we? Fish and Chips - a British classic served 382 million times a year with a touch of fame. Indeed, our iconic battered fish and chips is the most "instagrammable" UK dish with an impressive 1.7 million hashtags. Enough to displace its infamous rival - the Sunday Roast. So yes, fish and chips are still a well loved meal enjoyed by...

Fish and chip shop for sale: what to buy

Fish and Chip Shop For Sale: What To Buy?

Fish and Chip Shop For Sale: What To Buy? Contemplating a fish and chip shop for sale? Whether it's a new and empty space waiting to be furnished or an old shop in need of a deep clean and refurbishment, read along! Turning a fish and chip shop for sale into a prosperous and tasty foodservice business takes more than buying a performing deep fryer. Indeed, this blog will take you through all the necessary bits...

How to avoid a food safety disaster in your coffeeshop

How to avoid a food safety disaster in your coffeeshop

After a year that most of us would love to forget, hospitality is getting ready to reopen. And more than ever, food safety in coffeeshops is on everyone's lips. As coffee and brunch enthusiasts are flocking to their favourite independent coffeeshops, no one wants a food safety disaster. We might have caught you in the middle of the (daunting) task of drafting of your ever longer checklist for the big reopening. We feel you! Between the coffee grinder’s...

Food hygiene ratings myths debunked

The myths of 5 star food hygiene ratings debunked

Whether you are a head chef, operations manager, owner or simply interested in food business you have probably heard of food hygiene ratings. But what do they actually mean? Food hygiene rating schemes serve as a guide for businesses and customers to help them make more informed decisions. Also known as the "scores on the doors", these ratings encompass the food safety and hygiene standards set by your local authority. A food inspector will award you a...

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