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Fish & Chip Shops

Fish and fish latest food trends

Fish and Chips: The Latest Food Trends

Let's talk Fish and Chips food trends shall we? Fish and Chips - a British classic served 382 million times a year with a touch of fame. Indeed, our iconic battered fish and chips is the most "instagrammable" UK dish with an impressive 1.7 million hashtags. Enough to displace its infamous rival - the Sunday Roast. So yes, fish and chips are still a well loved meal enjoyed by all generations, bringing comforting feelings of...

Fish and chip shop for sale: what to buy

Fish and Chip Shop For Sale: What To Buy?

Contemplating a fish and chip shop for sale? Whether it's a new and empty space waiting to be furnished or an old shop in need of a deep clean and refurbishment, read along! Turning a fish and chip shop for sale into a prosperous and tasty foodservice business takes more than buying a performing deep fryer. Indeed, this blog will take you through all the necessary bits to consider for smooth operations. Kitchen equipment, cleaning...

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