Achieving Food Safety Excellence for your Campus Catering

Everything you need to know about going digital and optimising your food safety:

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The ins and outs:

Thinking about moving your campus catering outlets away from paper-based processes? Want a new system that gives you greater confidence in your food safety? Need a way of doing things that just makes life easier?

Our Achieving Food Safety Excellence in your Campus Catering webinar will run on Tuesday 12th April at 10am for 45 minutes and will be recorded and placed OnDemand to watch again later. We’ll fill in all the blanks around digital food safety and give you all the information that you need when considering going digital or exploring a new system. 


So, why is it important?

With everyone as hygiene conscious as ever, food safety is as paramount as it’s ever been. Using digital tools is the easiest and simplest way to comply with all the requirements and regulations in place to achieve the highest standards that you can. 5* food safety made simple.

Digital tools take the hassle out of burdensome paperwork, keep administrative tasks in check and speed up long winded processes that take precious time away from delivering top quality service. They also give you multi-site visibility for simple management, centralised digital record storage and total confidence that tasks are completely correctly!

(Plus, going digital has its sustainability benefits too – less food wastage, no paper usage, more energy efficiencies!)

We’ll show you how all of this can benefit you and ensure your campus kitchens remain compliant and run smoother than ever.

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