Navitas Safety Partners With EMenuNow

Navitas Safety partners with multi-award winning EMenuNow to support hospitality with innovative solutions for allergen management from supplier to plate.
Navitas Safety partners with EMenu

And here comes another key partnership for Navitas Safety! The team is very proud to announce its collaboration with the multi-award winning tech company EMenuNow. Together, they will pursue the mission of supporting hospitality in an innovative way.

Navitas Safety and EMenuNow share similar missions and values. Both want to have a positive impact on hospitality by offering bespoke guest experiences for foodservice businesses. Navitas Safety is the only all-encompassing food safety partner (covering everything from digital food safety, training and auditing). And EMenuNow is the only solution that integrates with any existing POS & till system, meaning there’s no need to change the way you operate, or to re-train staff. Winning! 🌟

For the last few years, allergen management has become an essential part of food safety processes. And more than ever with the implementation of Natasha’s Law. EMenuNow includes market-leading, allergen-safe electronic menus, which enables you to tag all of your dishes with accurate allergen information, right down to the individual ingredient level. A nice addition to Navitas Safety’s smart probes and allergen printers, tracing allergens from supplier delivery to plate. What a duo!

There’s a lot more about EMenuNow though, such as mobile ordering and payments for table service, collection and delivery. What really caught Navitas Safety’s team’s attention is EMenuNow’s app-less approach with QR codes for easy ordering and happy customers.

“The team here at EMenuNow are really excited to be partnering with Navitas Safety. We built EMenu with food safety and simplicity in mind. EMenuNow is the most user friendly, allergen-safe electronic menu on the market offering allergen and dietary searching and filtering for any menu. It helps businesses offer engaging buying experiences with upselling and personalised recommendations all whilst ensuring the highest standards of food safety.”

The synergies between our two companies made for the perfect partnership. Our new collaboration enables our joint client bases to map allergens from supplier, right through to the customer facing EMenu, seamlessly. We look forward to innovating together with Navitas Safety with the aim of making the best food safety products, accessible to the whole hospitality sector, and simple to use” 

We’re super excited about what’s coming next. And we hope you do too! 🚀