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Looking to ensure 5* food hygiene and health & safety in your premises? Our team of Environmental Health experts are here to guide you on your next compliance audit. We go the extra mile to give you total confidence and peace of mind.

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Be on top of things with the helping hand of a food safety specialist.

Audits and inspections can be daunting at times. No time? No resources in-house?
With 33 years of experience, our team will guide you to reach the highest safety compliance standards.

How can we support you?


Here to help you out, not catch you out

More than just ticking a box in a safety audit. We go the extra mile by running an in-depth analysis to make your business safer and more efficient. Delegate to our passionate specialists to save time and effort and keep your people safe. No judgement. No pressure. Just a helping hand!


Peace of mind for management

Have full confidence in your safety systems and processes. Our consultants work hand-in-hand with you to develop watertight safety policies that meet legal and brand standards. From fire to food safety policies, we will share our best practices with you.

Triage & Sampling

Minimise risk,
maximise performance

Learn how to curb food health and safety incidents thanks to top-down reviews from our qualified consultants. From incident investigation to sampling analysis, access granular insights with best practices to help you minimise risk. There you go: smooth business running sorted!

Discover our no hassle audit service

Over 5,000 audits conducted by Navitas Safety every year

Below is a non-exhaustive list of audit services we can help you with. Our team of expert consultants have a great eye for detail to help you spot any potential hazard. We also understand each business operates differently and you might have specific audit requirements.

So feel free to get in touch with us if you have specific questions or needs!

A full day safety compliance audit. Includes: audit + report writing (Food Safety + Health & Safety).

This type of audit is typically applicable to large food service businesses (B+I sector), secondary schools, universities, hotels, etc.

A half day safety compliance audit. Includes: audit + report writing.

This type of audit usually covers Food Safety OR Health & Safety only. A shorter combination of both is possible on request. Typically preferred by primary schools, retail outlets, etc.

A 2-hour safety compliance audit. Includes: audit + report writing.

This type of audit covers Food Safety OR Health & Safety only. Small premises such as cafes and street food outlets typically prefer this audit.

An audit undertaken following a failed audit at a site. This type of audit will focus on the areas of non-conformance and review corrective improvements to ensure it’s all on track!

Ideal if you face exceptional circumstances and require quick and immediate support and investigation on site.

  • Food safety examples: after a food poisoning or allergen incident.
  • Health & Safety examples: after a staff or customer incident.


Our team will run a top-down analysis to determine the cause of the incident and guide you on the best next steps.

Complete analysis carried out by our approved and qualified Fire Risk / Water Risk Assessment partners

Guidance on action plans will be provided with required works and improvements to get fully compliant with legislation.

In-depth fire life safety audit in accordance with the Food, Health & Safety and Leisure & Fire policies.
Specifically designed for hotel clients.

Carried out by specialists with extensive experience in this type of assessment for best standards and best practices.

Get full confidence in your policies

We want you to have complete confidence in your own safety systems and processes. Our consultants will work closely with you to develop and review watertight safety policies that meet legal and brand standards for consistency. Goodbye stress, hello 5* safety!

  • Guidance to develop a food safety policy with bespoke HACCP.
  • Review of existing policy and HACCP for compliance check and potential improvements.
  • Guidance to develop a health & safety policy.
  • Review of existing policy for compliance check and potential improvements.
  • Guidance to develop a fire safety policy in line with current legislation and industry standards.
  • Review of existing fire safety policy for compliance check and potential improvements to reduce future fire risks.
  • Guidance from specialist consultant in safety policy building and review.
  • Only available for hotels with leisure facilities (spa, swimming pools etc.).

Master risk mitigation thanks to triage and sampling

For full confidence in your safety processes, we’ve got your back with everything sampling and triage. Our water and food sampling services will be carried out by our specialist partners. They will provide you with actionable information on the cleanliness of your kitchen and potential bacterial/chemical contamination risks. To get the full picture, we can help you with triage to investigate food incidents.

On the menu: daily monitoring, an in-depth analysis and action plan for you!

  • Routine sampling to be proactive to check food’s microbiological quality and prevent food safety incidents.
  • Ideal for Central Production Units (CPU’s) or Grab & Go Hubs (GGH’s).
  • Reactive sampling to understand a food incident (e.g. pathogen detection, allergen cross-contamination).
  • Carried out by our specialist partner: water assessment, legionella and other pathogens detection.
  • Detailed paperless reporting and action plan (plumbing works, disinfection, descaling etc.).
  • Services UK-based only.
  • In-depth analysis of food health and health & safety incidents, directly uploadable in Navitas Safety Compliance system.
  • Incidents monitored daily by a rota of consultants.
  • Cause investigation and action plan for improvements to curb future risks.

Navitas Safety Services - Check out everything we have to offer in our handy brochure!

We love our Customers

See why our customers give Navitas Safety a 96% satisfaction rating - the best in the business!

"We've been working with Navitas Safety for the past year to develop a new Global Food Safety auditing program and learning platform. They have been very responsive to our needs and are constantly refining to not only meet them, but to create a solid platform that can be used in many other food service establishments. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with such a professional team that is driven to provide the best quality for our company."
"We have been working closely with Navitas Safety for over 6 years, with the development of all our policies, the auditing of all our hotels and the development of our online management and due diligence system. They have supported us superbly on the rare occasions when crisis management is needed. Navitas Safety are seen as partners rather than suppliers, I would not hesitate to recommend Navitas Safety."
"Odeon engaged Navitas Safety to provide an audit service as part of our risk management programme.

Within a very short space of time, a bespoke audit template was agreed upon, along with an audit programme across our cinemas, and Navitas Safety has commenced auditing using its excellent team of auditors."

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Whatever it is about your safety audits that you need support with - we're here to help! Just tell us a bit about yourself to get the ball rolling.

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