Safety Potion To Keep The EHO Away

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Dear reader, welcome to our gruesome potion science blog. This recipe will take you through our deliciously efficient safety potion to keep the (dreaded) safety inspector away. Perhaps you think your cast against pests might be enough? Donโ€™t keep any skeletons in the closet and follow this safety potion recipe to protect yourself and your people.

Safety potion ingredients

safety potion ingredients list

Safety potion's initial checks

Ensure that your cauldron has been disinfected before use. Check for any pest marks and get rid of any critters or other crawling friends. Finally, wash your hand and magic wand while also checking that ALL your potion ingredients are labelled to avoid any cross-contamination.ย 

The base of your safety potion: Blend the paper checklists

There is nothing worse than those greasy paper-based checklists piling up. Not only are they a nightmare (boo!) to organise and file but also they take too much of your time. Blend them in your cauldron with a mixer so that they become crumbs. Now, create your own digital safety checklists from scratch on your tablet or smartphone. Opening & closing checks, cauldron cleaning routines, broom washing reminders – customise them before adding the tablet to your potion.

Blend the paper checklist for your safety potion: in an image

Temperature checks using magic tools

Itโ€™s time to let your potion rest for a little while in your refrigeration device. Please note that coffins arenโ€™t safe enough. Ensure your potion remains in a container that isnโ€™t warmer than 4ยบC! But manually checking temperatures can be burdensome. And you might want to take a break to enjoy a pumpkin pie or grubs bolognese. So, we suggest you install a magic automated temperature monitoring device in your fridge. Magic will happen and as the sensor checks the temperature every 30 minutes and alert you only if needed. Faster than a love charm!

Image showing the how to do temperature checks

Add a dollop of pest control ingredient mix

Crickets, ants, slugs, rats and all other insects are not part of this safety potion. In fact, any pest would ruin the quality of your safety potion and turn it into a bad luck lotion. So, do ensure there is proper ventilation and waste management at your premises. Always keep an eye for any signs of pests and trim the vegetation around windows.

Image showing pest control checks for your safety potion

Filter the safety potion to remove foreign bodies

Now filter your safety potion. Remove all foreign bodies that you can find (hello digital risk assessments!). If one is found, no need to panic and call the Head Witch! Stay calm and start a potioncraft incident report. Fill in the report directly via the compliance module and add all evidence needed. That way, your potion lab is safe. But also look at the bigger picture and spot any safety trend or pattern in seconds! Is that the third incident of garlic contamination in your potion?! Itโ€™s time to act and improve so that your vampire clients donโ€™t file another complaint about a garlic-related allergy!

Add a handful of no-broom training courses

No need to send your staff off on their brooms to fly to class! Grab a handful of Level 1, 2 and 3 safety courses and add them to the mix. Whisk it all together and you should get a smooth safety system. Thinking of an extra touch to your safety potion? Consider bespoke courses tailored to your magic business brand.

No broom safety training courses

Use the Smart Probe to check the safety potion recipe

Faster than your classic wand, the Smart Probe has built-in safety guidelines to ensure you know what to do at all times. You can also use it to run one more temperature check of your potion. Careful, itโ€™s piping hot!ย 

Label your safety potion(s)

Itโ€™s almost ready to go! Print an ingredient label in seconds via your Navitas Safety software and portable printer. Stick it carefully on the bottle with a use-by date and all ingredients. Allergens will be bolded so that both Dracula and Wolverine can notice traces of their respective allergens – garlic and wolfsbane. Actually, is it time to check all the other bottles? You might also want to use the software to trace garlic from your last supplier! That new druid did have weird delivery cauldrons…

Labels on safety potions

Need help with crafting your safety potion?

We have a lot more to show you. 5-star food hygiene luck potion? Love at first audit filter? Let’s chat!