Your Customer Discovery Sessions 💫

This month's session's are on our Extended Warranty and Safety Bites. Watch now!

This Month's Customer Discovery Session

Our Customer Discovery Sessions are designed to help you get the best out of your Navitas Safety solution. We’ll go through a different feature of our safety offering each month with one of our lovely Account Managers.

Discover our new Extended Warranty.

Lizzy Scattergood, our Account Manager, discusses the benefits of our new Extended Warranty options and how you can take advantage of this.

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Discover our Safety Bites.

Abbi Leake, our Brand and Product Marketing Manager, has our Safety Bite series to explore with you. From this year’s topics and schedule, to how you can customise this and what content is included, you’ll know everything you need to know about our bitesize online safety training.

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Absolutely! We’re just sharing our expertise to make your workplace safety management easier. 

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If there is a particular topic or area of our safety solution that you wish to have a Customer Discovery Session on, please email your requests to: [email protected].

Once our Customer Discovery Sessions are over, they will be placed on our Youtube. You can access this via Youtube directly, or via the Previous Customer Discovery Sessions section, where you will receive an email containing the link and all of the free resources that were supplied with the live session.

Your Customer Discovery Sessions 💫

Risk Assessment Module

Your Customer Discovery Sessions 💫

Extended Warranty

Your Customer Discovery Sessions 💫

Safety Bites

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