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Food Temperature Probe

Our smart and easy-to-use food temperature probe simplifies temperature management for foodservice businesses 🌡

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Time Saving

Our Food Temperature Probe allows for quick and easy temperature recording, with built-in staff, supplier and menu data - plus pre-filled corrective actions! All data is transmitted instantly for you.

No Human Error

Integrated food safety guidelines and prompts mean staff always know what to do. The Food Temperature Probe won't allow any incorrect processes, so you get total peace of mind.

EHO-Ready 24/7

All temperature records are automatically transmitted to your Digital Food Safety Software, where your EHO can access them digitally and easily. Be confident and compliant around the clock.

Watertight Traceability

Get total visibility of all actions from supplier to plate, with user, time and date stamps. Plus, the built-in camera captures all evidence for you so nothing gets missed!

Our digital food temperature probe is used daily by thousands of users
in commercial kitchens with an industry leading 96% satisfaction rating! 🌟

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What makes our Food Temperature Probe so effective?

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Plus, it's completely customisable to you:

Create bespoke services that appear on the Food Temperature Probe to support your exact requirements. Our existing services are: Goods In, Cooking, Re-Heating, Cold Service, Hot Service and Chilling - which you can add to or swap out!

Pre-fill your services with customisable questions and temperature options that dynamically and automatically pull in to match your brand standards. Plus, the Probe can also be utilised to capture any and all data you want, from barcodes and use by dates to stylistic criteria of how your dishes should be presented.

Your personalised tool for complete control over your food service and temperature processes.

Total Visibility

Who, what and when: visualise each food temperature recording, no matter how historic. All supplier, product and staff info are pre-loaded to ensure accurate end-to-end data.

Empower Your Staff

Built-in food safety rules prompt staff to follow correct procedures at all times. If anything falls outside of your set safety guidelines, the Food Temperature Probe will alert the user to reject it.

At All Times

The Probe works offline, uploading all data recorded to WiFi next time it connects. Ensure nothing gets lost and your data is always accurate and up-to-date!

Handle Issues

Get instant notifications when temperatures are non-compliant, allowing your team to highlight any issues and resolve from the Food Temperature Probe itself!


All data is securely logged in the system so so it's accessible 24/7. View who, when and what, to manage every aspect of the food safety journey, from delivery to service with ease.

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Navitas Safety's full Digital Food Safety Solution comprises of our Food Temperature Probe, Wireless Temperature Monitoring Smart Pods and our Digital Food Safety Software.

You can take whichever bits of our hardware and software combination best suit your needs.

Learn more about the Probe's counterparts today.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Optimise appliance temperatures and automate your records.

Digital Food Safety Software

Digital Food Safety Software

Say goodbye to the paperwork nightmare and hello to accuracy.

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