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Risk Assessment Software

Risk assessment software: A smarter and quicker way to digitally
manage all your safety risk assessments in one platform.

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Perks of our Risk Assessment Software:

As a business you are legally required to identify risks and have proper controls in place.

Fill in digital risk assessments in seconds, set automated reminders and breathe - it’s all under control! 😌

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Assess risk severity & probability

Identify risks' severity and probability and check the controls you have in place.

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Bespoke risk assessments

Use our templates or create your own digital risk assessments.

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Calendar automated reminders

Set up automated alerts when your risk assessments are due for a review.

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All evidence in one digital place

Get full visibility on all of your risk assessments via your digital library.

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Our Risk Assessment Software:

How Does It Work? 🧐

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Access more than 1,000+ digital risk assessment templates

Covering everything from food safety, health and safety, fire safety, COSHH, manual handling and more!

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Or create your own digital risk assessments from scratch

Build your own to match your exact business needs. Our safety experts are here to support you as well!

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Stay organised with our risk assessment software

Automated alerts in your diary and categories to stay on top of things.

Risk Management Software:
A simpler way to get total legal peace of mind.

There's so much more about our Compliance Software! 🌟

Enjoy stress-free compliance with our smart risk assessment tool 😌

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See our risk assessment software in action.
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"We deeply care about the safety of our customers, employees and suppliers.
We have chosen Navitas Safety as our compliance partner due to their expertise, dedication and proven track record within the field."

— Andre Gettouche, COO, Generator Hostels

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