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Innovative, supportive and passionate about food safety since 1989.
We’re a bunch of people who love doing what we do, to keep you safe.

Innovative, supportive and passionate about food safety since 1989.

We’re a bunch of people who love doing what we do, to keep you safe.

Our purpose 🚀

At Navitas Safety, we like to make everything easy and hassle-free.

We simplify food safety processes by replacing all paperwork with cutting-edge technology.

Another thing about us:
we are a one-stop partner.

We help foodservice businesses streamline their food safety and
health & safety with confidence.

That way, we give back owners, chefs and teams the time they need to focus on their passion.

That’s how we like to have a positive impact on hospitality.

About us: our map with clients, partners and offices

Our values

Our core 5 values that we live by here at Navitas Safety

What we're
all about:

Driven to exceed customers’ expectations 🤝

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do here at Navitas Safety. When joining our family, either as a member or as a partner, we truly value authentic and human relationships in order to delight and amaze all along the safety journey.

Partner of choice 👍

Joining Navitas Safety means gaining a long-term expert partner to have your back at all times. We do our best to give you complete safety reassurance with accuracy and integrity. Our adaptive and inquisitive mindset is the promise of continual improvement to support our partners at all times.

Empathy 🧡

Every business and person is unique and we pride ourselves on our empathetic approach to food safety. Our team will put themselves in your shoes (or chef hats!) to truly understand every aspect of food safety we can help you with. By doing so, we create a unique solution that matches your exact needs.

Passionate about innovation ⭐

You can’t stop us when it comes to innovating! We are passionate about finding new ways to positively impact foodservice businesses. Our 33+ years of experience in the industry have been marked by our innovative and unique approach to simple food safety processes. Passion is our team’s energy and mantra to continuously develop unique solutions.

Sustainability 🌍

We wish to give our partners the very best - and we think the planet deserves it too! We continually innovate to allow even more energy efficiencies with our technology, as well as finding new ways to further reduce paper use and cut food waste. Both for our partners and internally. Good for you, good for the planet.

Meet our team

Orange is the new black! We’re all unique and so, there’s no two similar souls in our Navisquad.
Here are a few faces of the Navitas Safety Leadership team:

More things about us: get to know the team!

Ben Gardner


Alex Joyce

Managing Director

Sally Lewis

Operations Director

Daniel Reid

Chief Marketing Officer

Scott Thompson

Chief Technology Officer

Kerrie Patrick

Financial Controller

Reena Appadoo

Technical Director

Our lovely Department Heads

About us: meet our department heads in this image
About us: meet our department heads in this second image
About us: navitas safety letters spelled with staff images


Meet all the legal and brand standards that keep your people and properties safe.

Food Safety

A complete hardware and software system that wins you time, accuracy and visibility.

Online training is also an option on top of our software for food compliance

Online Training

CPD accredited and bespoke courses that engage and motivate your teams.

In addition to food safety software, you can also get audit services

Audit and Consultancy

Food safety experts to help
you be compliant and nail
your food safety.