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Allergen Management: Natasha's Law

Want to know everything about allergen management?

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The ins and outs:

Dealing with allergens can feel like a daunting experience, however it shouldn’t be anything to worry about if you are following the correct procedures. 


Our Allergen Management: Natasha’s Law Webinar will run on Thursday 17th June at 10am for 40 minutes and will be placed OnDemand for you to watch at a time more suitable to you!

We’ll fill in the blanks and give you all the information that you need when tackling your allergen management and labelling processes or preparing for Natasha’s Law.


So, why is allergen management important?


Food allergies can be deadly and the safety of your customers should be taken seriously. Allergen regulations are in place to keep your customers and your brand safe, so knowing how to work to these is best for everyone. 

Without effective allergen management procedures in place, you won’t be able to demonstrate your company due diligence or give your customers the confidence that they need in your ability to keep them safe. 

Plus, with Natasha’s Law coming into effect from October 2021, the importance of allergen labelling and communication is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, as well as the poignant reminder of why it is necessary.

So, we’ll be showing you how enforcing safe and effective allergen management can benefit you and ensure your kitchen remains compliant and runs smoother than ever.

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