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Mandatory Calorie Labelling Masterclass

Get ready for the new mandatory calorie labelling regulations with us!

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The ins and outs:

Slightly confused about the new regulation on mandatory calorie labelling for non pre-packed food? Don’t get caught up in last minute confusion this masterclass is for you!


Our Mandatory Calorie Labelling Masterclass will run on Tuesday 22nd February at 10am for 40 minutes and will then be placed OnDemand for you to watch at a time more suitable to you!

We’ll fill in the blanks and give you all the information that you need when preparing for the mandatory calorie labelling requirements coming into place on April 6th 2022.

So, let's talk calorie labelling.
Why is it so important for your business?

Starting this Spring, most England-based large foodservice businesses will be legally required to clearly display calorie information on non pre-packed food, at customers’ point of choice. This is part of the Government’s mission to tackle obesity and ensure customers can make healthier, informed choices.

So whether you are a restaurant, university, caterer, hotel, cafe or any other foodservice business with more than 250+ employees, check this webinar out to get more info on how to be 100% ready and compliant.

Make it a new mission for your foodservice business: helping your customers make healthier choices with the right nutritional information. Don’t miss out, join us to ensure a smooth transition to calorie labelling on menus from April onwards.

You can also read our latest blog on mandatory calorie labelling for some extra knowledge!

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