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Use this fridge carbon footprint calculator to find out how much unnecessary CO2 your kitchen generates.

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When we hear the word ‘carbon footprint’ we often think of a flight or food. But your very own kitchen also has a carbon footprint! In fact, you might not be aware of the hidden impact of your fridges and freezers on your overall carbon footprint. Especially if they operate at unoptimised temperatures. Research shows that most fridges and freezers are 2.2ºC colder than they should. And every 1ºC colder than your appliance temperature is, it increases your energy consumption by 5-10%!

How to use this fridge carbon footprint calculator:

Fill in the total annual kWh consumption of your fridges and freezers. You can find this on the energy performance certificate of your appliances. Alternatively, you can use our chosen averages: 

  • A single door upright fridge consumes about 632 kWh per annum
  • A 400L chest freezer consumes about 1,168 kWh per annum

This tool will automatically calculate how much extra CO2 your fridges and freezers generate by being too cold!

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