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Use this Hotel Inspection Checklist to help ensure you get a 5* food hygiene rating every time!

Our Hotel Inspection Checklist will help you:

More about this checklist:

An EHO visit can be a daunting experience for some, however it shouldn’t be anything to worry about if you are following the correct procedures. Their purpose is to ensure the food your business produces is safe to eat.

Make sure you’re always in ahead and in control.

EHO’s can turn up unannounced to enter and inspect your hotel’s food premises at any reasonable time, they do not need to book an appointment. As they can turn up at any time it’s crucial that you strictly follow food safety law so when the EHO turns up you are fully prepared.

At the end of their visit, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you will be presented with a score from the Food Hygiene Rating scheme of 0-5. Any business should be able to achieve a ‘5-very good’ rating. Scotland has its own equal system but will either issue a ‘pass’ or ‘improvement required’ rating.

What is an EHO looking for?

When an Environmental Health Officer comes to visit your premises to conduct a Food Hygiene Inspection they look at 3 areas:

1. Structure – cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and pest control.

2. Food Hygiene – how the food is prepared, stored, cooked, cooled and re-heated

3. Food Safety management System.

This checklist has everything covered, follow it and get that 5* food hygiene rating your hotel deserves!

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Yes! This Hotel Inspection Checklist is designed for helping you with your food safety processes, but our experts are fully qualified in all aspects of safety, which includes hotel health and safety. Please feel free to send us any questions you have. We also have a Hotel Audit Checklist that covers all your health and safety needs. You can download it for free here.

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