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Food Safety Audits For A Safe Workplace to Eat.

Today we’re heading to Netflix in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to have a chat with Jeroen, Netflix Food and Beverage Manager.

As food and beverage manager, Jeroen has a lot on his plate. While Netflix is entertaining the world, Jeroen is here to make sure that Netflix offices are a safe workplace to eat. Netflix offices are growing quickly across the EMEA region, which also means several local catering companies to work with.

Last year Netflix partnered with Navitas Safety to centralise their food safety audit processes across Europe to achieve the highest food safety standards for their workplace. Here’s how Jeroen and his team’s lives got a lot easier.

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Hey Jeroen, tell us a bit more about how Navitas Safety is helping you on a daily basis?

→ Working with Navitas Safety is helping me in different ways. Having this audit dashboard is key for me so that I can better understand the situation in all our local offices as each of them is different. The platform is a great way of communicating with our several local caterers so that I can keep an eye on all things food safety. I can see what is happening, what audits have been done and which corrective actions are being taken. Most importantly, I can see any areas of improvement for the future. Having it all centralised is very helpful and helps me to report back to the wider Netflix team.

Are there any other benefits for yourself and your team?

→ Of course. It gives my team and myself confidence in the future. Basically it gives us reassurance that there’s no immediate health risk and that if something is recurring, it’s quickly visualised and we can work on it.

Excellent! And how do you find the support from Navitas Safety?

→ It feels good to know we have an external partner with expertise to whom we can delegate some food safety tasks. Also to know that the Navitas Safety team is here to back me up at all times.

That's what we like to hear! Any final words Jeroen?

→ For me, the main benefit is having all our audit information centralised in one place so that I can quickly understand what is happening across all our offices, within a glance. It saves me time and gives me peace of mind that everything is under control for our Employees.

Thanks for sharing Jeroen! We're super proud and happy to be helping you keeping the offices safe.

→ No problem. Speak soon!

And that’s it for today! If Jeroen’s story has inspired you we have a link for you to explore more about our Food Safety Audits

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