Navitas Safety Partners With Facilities Management Group OCS

Navitas Safety partners with multi-award winning OCS to ensure 5-star safety for impeccable facilities management across the globe.
Navitas Safety x OCS

Equipped with 120+ years of experience, OCS has shown incredible and resilient growth across the globe, now supporting clients in the UK & Ireland, the Middle East but also Asia Pacific. With 20,000+ customers in various industries, including the NEC Group, Coca-Cola’s London Eye and Manchester United Football Club, we are beyond thrilled to be OCS’ chosen safety partner. 

Navitas Safety x OCS: About the partnership

Together, we will pursue the mission of delivering outstanding safety standards across several facilities in the UK. Navitas Safety’s and OCS’ stories both started with humble beginnings that led to outstanding growth and success. As a team we relish the opportunity to work hand in hand and guarantee absolutely flawless food safety and health & safety standards. OCS will continue to deliver exceptional service to their people by taking care of the essentials with complete safety confidence. 

A comprehensive compliance, training and auditing programme 

As a partner, Navitas Safety will support OCS’ daily operations with access to our intuitive and robust compliance software. It will empower OCS teams to create and run digital risk assessments, conduct in-depth investigations and follow corrective action plans. As a key asset for smooth facilities management, the teams will gain full visibility on all things compliance for their UK partners.  

In addition, we will work closely to run in-depth, full-day audits twice a year across OCS UK sites to maintain 5* safety standards and delight clients. Besides, self-audits will also be made available for complete convenience. 

Nothing can slip through the cracks with such a systematic approach and Navitas Safety will also have a dedicated triage team who will take care of any reported incident, as well as provide advice and support to our lovely OCS partners.

Finally, OCS team members will have access to our complete Safety Training via our online Academy. Our e-learning platform covers all necessary topics such as Fire Safety, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, Catering Essentials, COSHH, Manual Handling, Equality & Diversity and much more. OCS teams will be able to keep up-to-date with the latest changes in food safety and health & safety!

Quote from Ben about partnership Navitas Safety x OCS
Quote from Chris on the new Navitas Safety x OCS partnership