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Navitas Runs ‘Sustainable Food Safety’ Campaign

🌎 The team kick-started a campaign to foster sustainability in commercial kitchens and their food safety processes. Many free resources were released, including a free carbon footprint calculator, a podcast and much more. Here’s what the team has been up to!
sustainable food safety campaign

Raising the importance of more sustainable food safety practices

From Earth Day all the way through to the end of the month, Navitas Safety shed the light on the need for businesses to look into their food safety management systems. More specifically, food safety processes as they sabotage many food businesses’ sustainability goals, without them noticing. 

In fact, many commercial kitchens are found to use 22% of unneeded energy because of their fridges being too cold, making energy bills heavier than they should be! On top of all this extra CO2 that could be prevented, food safety checklists have been estimated to waste 65,700 trees annually. Finally, food waste remains a major bottleneck for sustainability in the food industry and the team has underlined that a simple technology switch in food safety processes can dramatically cut food waste. 

All in all, the team conveyed the message that sustainability and food safety can, together, financially impact food businesses in a very positive way.

10 free tools for businesses to better understand their carbon footprint

Ranging from educational videos through podcasts and articles, the team wants to help many foodservice businesses improve their sustainability practices.

🎬  Educational videos to implement more sustainable food safety processes

  • One small step for your kitchen, a big one for your carbon footprint 🌎  (2’30) – Watch here
  • Cut down paperwork, not trees 🌳  (1’13) – Watch here
  • Stop (food) wasting your time πŸ”Β  (1’52) – Watch here
  • WATT? You’ve been wasting how much energy? πŸ”ŒΒ  (1’50) – Watch here
  • Spare your wallet and save the planet πŸ’ΈΒ  (2’19) – Watch here

πŸŽ™ An insightful podcast with The Bay about sustainability in the kitchen

The team had a chat with Calum, founder and chef at The Bay. In fact, The Bay is one of the leading foodservice businesses when it comes to sustainability!

Listen to this fantastic podcast here:

β†’ Youtube

β†’ Spotify/Apple

πŸ“–  Some inspiring reading to further support kitchens’ sustainability practices

Sustainability is one of Navitas Safety’s core values and it is deeply and passionately shared by Navitas Safety’s team members. They’ve released some insightful articles to help foodservice businesses explore the potential of food safety processes to become more sustainable: 

  • β€˜3 ways food safety processes sabotage your sustainability targets’. Read it here.
  • β€˜4 sustainable food safety practices‘. Read it here.

πŸ›   Free and interactive carbon footprint and energy efficiency calculators

Finally, the team has released two new handy tools. These two calculators aim to help businesses understand the hidden environmental (and financial!) cost of their food safety processes to act on it.

🦢 Fridge & freezer carbon footprint calculator: Calculate how much unnecessary CO2 your fridges and freezers are generating by being colder than necessary.

Download it here for free.

πŸ’Έ  Fridge & freezer energy efficiency calculator: Calculate how much unnecessary energy your fridges and freezers are using. This will help you realise how much you could save on your next energy bill with optimised temperatures 24/7.

Download it here for free.

Explore all the sustainable benefits of switching to digital food safety processes in 2022/2023

More and more businesses are taking the digital food safety plunge to simplify their safety processes, save time and also hit sustainability targets. Fighting climate change is everyone’s business and food safety processes have a real potential for your business to be part of this change.

Explore more about the sustainable benefits of our digital food safety kits here.

We’re so happy you’re interested in this amazing mission of modernising food safety and health & safety while saving the planet at the same time! πŸ’š