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What to do if you get Food Poisoning on Holiday: A Guide to Staying Safe

Going on holiday is an exciting time filled with new experiences and adventures. However, one unpleasant aspect that can sometimes arise is the possibility of getting food poisoning. You’ve probably seen the recent news about holiday makers being hospitalised due to food poisoning on holiday. So how do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Dealing with food poisoning while away from the comfort of home can be challenging. But with the right knowledge and...

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How to prepare for a food safety audit?

Food safety audits and EHO inspections can be scary. So how best to prepare for a food safety audit? This is what we will take you through today. Follow these steps to be prepared for your next food safety audit and pass it with flying colours! 🌟 What is a food safety audit? First, let’s find out what a food safety audit is. EHO inspections are compulsory for any foodservice business. Their purpose is to assess whether...

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How to avoid a food safety disaster in your coffeeshop

After a year that most of us would love to forget, hospitality is getting ready to reopen. And more than ever, food safety in coffeeshops is on everyone's lips. As coffee and brunch enthusiasts are flocking to their favourite independent coffeeshops, no one wants a food safety disaster. We might have caught you in the middle of the (daunting) task of drafting of your ever longer checklist for the big reopening. We feel you! Between the coffee grinder’s...

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