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Navitas Safety’s Free Training Hits The 1,000+ Enrolments Milestone

Navitas Safety launched its free safety courses in March 2022 to make Food Safety and Health & Safety training more accessible. More than 1,000+ students have now successfully been enrolled!
Navitas Safety's Free Training milestne

About Navitas Safety’s online training platform

Online training is one of our core services here at Navitas Safety. We strongly believe that food service teams should be empowered and knowledgeable to keep impeccable food safety and health & safety standards. From off-the-shelf courses to bespoke training packages, our Training Design team has gone above and beyond to create comprehensive, fun and interactive online courses. 

Making food safety and health & safety more accessible

Having a positive impact on the hospitality industry is our daily mission. We understand that training new (and existing) staff can be burdensome and costly for team leaders and managers. That’s why we decided to launch our Free Online Training programme in March 2022. It includes:

  • Level 2 Health & Safety
  • Level 2 Food Safety
  • Allergen Awareness

These courses are CPD-accredited as well as 100% online and free of charge. On top of that, students received a digital certificate! That way, your teams are proudly empowered and everyone is EHO-ready at all times!

1,000+ successful enrolments 

The programme has been an incredible success and we are thrilled to say we have reached the milestone of 1,000+ enrolments this month. What’s more, the team has welcomed many students with various roles such as stock auditors, chefs, bakers, sports event managers, cake designers, charity volunteers, front-of-house staff, waiters and many more!

Infographic showing the roles of students enrolled in our online free training programme

A free training programme to support the industry

Students who have completed their free training courses have come back with incredible feedback! Namely, they feel more confident in all things safety and a huge weight has been removed from managers’ and chefs’ shoulders

“We are very grateful for the free online courses. Our team members have definitely gained more confidence and it’s especially good for new staff to understand why The Bay is set in a certain way (kitchen, dry store layout etc.). All the courses are fun, interactive and interesting. The best part is the little games between each topic!”

Viktorija Richardson – The Bay Fish & Chips

Time to empower your teams?

Explore our free training courses. 🎓

Alternatively, find out more about our other off-the-shelf courses and bespoke training options by clicking the button below!